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Very small classes one-on-one tutoring supported independent learning


educational programs personalized for YOU!

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Our Space Enables All Kinds of Learning

For many kids, school feels irrelevant, alienating, and fails to inspire.


?It doesn?t have to be like that.


Full-time kids at BrainBoost experience learning that matters and feeds their passions. They connect to their community and contribute to it.

Sure, they earn the credits they need, but more importantly, they gain the knowledge and skills that go beyond the exams and into the real world. They do it all in a community of educational professionals who empower, support, and inspire.

What are you waiting for?!

We were lost before we found BrainBoost – so many other services failed to see what we needed.





How does it work?


Personalized Learning Plan

Meet with a BrainBoost case manager to design the ideal schedule and educational program.


Register & Get Set Up to Go

Fill in our intake form, register with your BrainBoost tutors and classes, and enroll with a Distance School for content, credits and support. Students can enroll at any time during the year.

Set Up a Payment Plan

Full-time costs vary, from $13,000 to $25,000, depending on how much one-on-one tutoring is in the program. We ask for a deposit to secure your spot, and monthly fees will vary depending on the specifics of the program.

BrainBoost Case Studies

(…)it?s an alternative school and it?s a space where you get more personal uses and you can really be yourself and people are fine with that and they like it. It?s easier to learn here. It?s a really comfortable place, and I don?t feel stressed here. The tutors really help you here, and they really push you to elevate you to your full potential.


It is more welcoming than your school is – no matter how long you’ve been there! The minute I walked in that morning, Michaela was like sunshine – she just hit!?She always made everyday a little funnier – because she would start off with a funny video!


BrainBoost is good for people who are fed up with having 30 kids, 1 teacher in a class. Here, you don’t really?feel like there’s a teacher – you feel like there is a friend who’s helping you out – a smarter?friend than you. Haha!


Former Student

I think it?s made me a better person because it?s given me opportunities to hang out with people that maybe I wouldn?t have had the opportunity to get to know because of how the public school system works. There, it?s so clique-y and this and that, and here it?s really open. I?ve had a good time just talking to people here.


Former Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be for credit?

Yes, it usually is! By registering with an accredited distance school (which is free) students earn regular BC credits.

Can your students go on to university?

Of course! Our students have received prestigious scholarships and gone directly into some of the world?s top universities. However, if university is not the right choice we help each kid find the path that lets them live an empowered and happy life!

Is there funding available for this program?

In most cases, there is not. However, if a student has a ministry designation which gives them special education funding, they may be able to use this funding to pay for BrainBoost services.

Can my kid go back to regular school after this?

You bet. Usually they don?t want to, though.

Are these online courses? Does my kid sit at a computer all day?

No. We work with distance schools to create blended environments that have lots of movement, field trips, and hands-on activities. Sometimes students will do a few online courses – but even so, our team energizes the work and material, and ensures that kids don?t sit in front of screens all day.