What a year of art it has been! Our students have collaborated to create a plethora of delights that range from the visual to the dramatic to the graphic arts. The lucky ones that got to see the exhibition at Cuppa Joy Cafe can testify for the exciting quality of work that was produced. The public responded very well asking questions like ?What inspired the students?? and ?How did they do that?? This exhibition put the Brainboost visual artists on the map as a way of beginning to introduce their work to the greater public audience.

The actors and actresses of Brainboost took to the audience’s world to create a piece of environmental theater that integrated the actors into the architecture of Brainboost as a stage. Actors were surrounded by their audience and captivated their imagination to craft a scene of genuine peculiarity. You had to stay sharp to tell if someone was audience or actor.

With trips to the East Side Culture Crawl, Emily Carr University Show, Vancouver Art Gallery and to the Pacific Theater to see Freud’s Last Session the arts community brought their ideas to the community. The arts teacher, Peter Forde, exhibited throughout the year at Studio East and Yaletown Roundhouse for the famous Vancouver Lab Art Shows. What an exciting year it has been.

Check out our talented artists and their work here!

– Peter Forde