Dragon Club was created to give non-neurotypical children an opportunity to have fun! Sheena McDonald, an Early Childhood Educator, who has years of experience with students with autism, ADHD, and everything in between. As humans, we are constantly learning from our experiences with other people, and all children need those experiences to gain valuable social skills.

With her students, ages 9?- 12,?Sheena plans the class the week before. The class works together and agree on their activities. Students work on the executive function of planning ahead and following through on their wonderful ideas. This results in the kids working on many and varied projects: creating a game, going on a field trip, or cooking together! Afterwards, the class transitions into a more structured activity like playing a game. Students are currently learning how to play Settlers of Catan, an activity that encourages them to think about strategy, social interaction, and resource management, all while having fun. Dragon Club shows us so much learning in play.

Learn more: https://www.brainboosteducation.ca/groups/dragon-club/

Want to hear more? Watch Sheena explain Dragon Club herself!