In Build-It Engineering everyday objects are opportunities to learn something new. We look at design and manufacturing in contexts that are various and engaging. One week, we will be disassembling a toaster to get a better understanding of the processes and materials involved in making every component. The next, students will be designing and hand-crafting their very own wooden block letter creations, sawing, drilling, screwdriving, gluing, and clamping. Furthermore, these assignments and projects are just practice for building structures that will be used for the Brainboost Community at ?large: the students involved with be able to see their handy work better their community for weeks and months to come. Learning isn’t limited to the classroom though – just last week we toured the facilities of B+B Scale Models Ltd. to get a better understanding of what it takes to create architectural representations of the highest caliber and what a career in these exciting industries looks like.

Build-It Engineering is a fun place where you get to look at problems and projects, create and invent a solution in your mind, got it down on paper or using computer software, and actually built it with your own hands. The entire design process is covered and put to the test in this involved and challenge class.

– Martin Derige