Tallin Gray (8) has a passion for creating videos and making people smile! He comes to BrainBoost for advice and help on all things YouTube.

What do you do in session with Kurtis?

I do filmmaking! I make awesomeness videos! Video making is awesome and Kurtis is awesome! Kurtis helps me in every way possible. Part of why I chose Kurtis is because I love his biogas video!
Great! What kind of videos? What is the first video you made on YouTube?
Matter Matters! It?s about Science! Then there?s All About Atoms. I talk about atoms in it. Then there?s one called Magnificent Molecules! I explained a bit about molecules in that one. I made a fort series and I?ve also made math videos with mama!

What?s your favourite movie that you made?
I can?t tell you that, they?re all awesome! I can?t pick one they?re all exciting! Every session with Kurtis is exciting!

Who likes to watch your videos?
Everyone! I like showing them to everyone! My video is in general awesome!

Stefanie (Tallin’s mother), How have you seen Tallin?s videos improve?
Tallin?s strength in his YouTube videos is his passion and connecting with people and talking enthusiastically about his topics. The main change that I?ve seen is he now has more of technical knowledge. Working with Kurtis has given Tallin the skills to make his videos better and it has made him more confident. He has learned about some of the technical aspects of film-making and editing, refined his story telling skills, and learned how to attract an audience. But most importantly, Kurtis shares Tallin’s passion and matches his energy level. He is simply one of Tallin’s favourite people in he world and he creates a safe space for Tallin to grow as a film maker and challenge himself. In Tallin’s words: “I wish every day was Kurtis Day!”


Watch one of Tallin’s favourite videos he created with Kurtis where they make a keyboard out of Play-Dough!



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Just like every other YouTuber, Tallin is trying to grow his audience! Subscribe to his channel now for more videos by Tallin!






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