Peter Gibbons (17) shares?the benefits of Saturday tutoring sessions,and how BrainBoost helps in the?crucial final year of highschool.

What is Saturdays at BrainBoost like?
Quiet, very quiet!
There?s not a lot of action or activity going on which is kind of nice. It depends what you like more, though. It?s a very nice, calm, supportive environment that helps you get your work done!

Why does Saturday work for you?
I like it because it?s not during the workweek! I don?t like to make the weekdays longer than I have to. I just like Saturdays more! I have more time because I space out my workload. I like doing little pieces every day. Plus, there’s not that many people in Study space and that’s really good because you get a lot more support!?

Tell me about your Saturday sessions with Eric.
He?s very nice, laid back, and knowledgeable in math. I like his calm voice. It?s very soothing and he?s the opposite of a drill sergeant! It?s much more nice and friendly. I?d rather learn from someone who is more relaxed. We usually get through one math section each week. We go through the section I?m working on – the rules, theories, and how to get through the questions. If I have any more questions or specific things that are tripping me up then we will work through that and see what I?m doing wrong and correct it.

Tell me a little about Grade 12!
It?s another school year, but it matters the most. The workload itself doesn?t really change, but your work perspective does. You look at your work as being more important because of the looming University and post-secondary options. The mental perspective of it changes – you may perceive it as harder work because you put more care into it.

How is BrainBoost helping you through this crucial year?
It?s a different way of learning, in my opinion. It?s mostly because of the environment. You go to school and you may like it or be stressed. You come to BrainBoost and you’re more relaxed and more receptive to learning. You get your work done without feeling the same struggles as you would in a regular school. That?s what I really like about BrainBoost and that?s how it helps my in my Grade 12 year. ?