Meet Moriah!

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Moriah (17), Kits High school, started coming because of the Exam Boost and then she took Pre Calc 12 in the summerI

Why did you want to take math over the summer?

I just wanted to get it done! I didn?t want to worry about it throughout the year. Math is one of the harder courses. It?s nice to get it out of the way, so that I could focus on other things!

Tell me about summer math at BrainBoost ?

I thought it was going to be a lot more strenuous, but I thought it was really good once I got into it. Even though BrainBoost summer math has longer days than normal summer school, once you left there was no homework. Everything got done here and you could leave and continue your day in the sun.

A typical day would start with a lesson from Michaela. Then, we?d work on our EBUS assignments. Sometimes, the lessons could be long so Michaela would do a lesson in the morning and do the worksheets and another lesson in the afternoon. That way there was never too much lesson instruction at one time.

How did you feel with the timeline of six weeks to finish the course?

It didn?t feel rushed actually! Some people would go faster than others, which was nice because you didn?t feel like you had to go at everyone else?s speed!

What made it work for you?

I just liked how the classes were longer and I didn?t feel rushed. That?s why I didn?t do math at summer school elsewhere. I liked how Michaela was there the whole time and you could just ask her questions throughout the day. It was super successful!