by Ben

This spring, BrainBoost students and staff once again celebrated both Salmon Day and Bee Day: two unique learning experiences connecting our youth with the youth of some of nature’s most important and at-risk members.

On Bee Day, we introduced eighty cocoons containing young adult Orchard Mason Bees into our luxurious bee hotel. When they hatched, the bees were astonished to find themselves guests of a dazzlingly upgraded five-star facility, complete with a all-new tri-hexagon floor plan, their choice of nesting boxes of both plastic and wood, as well as new chic bamboo nesting tubes—which have proven the most popular attraction of the season.

Besides basking in the perks of their new home, our bees will be crucial contributors to local pollination here at BrainBoost’s location in Kitsilano.

Thanks to in-depth speeches by Luke and Nox, Bee Day participants learned about rewilding gardens and the vital role of pollinators in maintaining biodiversity and supporting our ecosystem.

As always, springtime also brought Salmon Day. Students, staff, and family carefully chauffeured young salmon fry into the stream at Spanish Banks—at least when they weren’t eating delicious bannock.

These salmon were raised from their “eyed egg” stage in our fish tank, and nurtured by the BB community over three months.

Once again, Salmon Day served as a powerful refresher lesson in ecosystem health, and offered a meaningful opportunity to be stewards and givers to this land on which we depend.

By connecting students to the beginning of the salmon’s epic journey, we are reminded that “we” and “nature” are not separate entities.

Thanks to all this year’s hive-minded and stream-savvy particpants!