f3686610-38dc-4273-b308-a362833e492dThanks to everyone who contributed to our April fundraiser for Big Brothers. We raised over $1500 – more than enough to support one big-little brother mentorship for an entire year. Your contributions will make a huge impact in the life of a young person in our city!

Next, Brainboost will shine a light on Mental Health Awareness by hosting a variety of activities such as the role of exercise and nutrition in our psyche, art therapy, philosophy discussion groups and much more. We will bring attention to issues around mental wellness, and we will brainstorm ways to optimize our psychological health.

Jack.org is an organization that sets up chapters across Canada for youth-led mental health groups supporting young people across our country. Jack.org will be part of our Bike to Work/School Week (May 25th – 31st). We will offer tune-ups and baked goods for bikers along the 10th avenue bike route with proceeds going to Jack.org.

Stay tuned for more events to come throughout May and into June so that we can finish the academic year feeling happy and healthy!