It?s the first week back to school, and our full-time students are gearing up for another amazing year. This year marks the 9th year of our ?Alternatives to School? program! What a delight it is for us to get to work with such interesting and deep students.


Here?s what we?ve got in store for our students this week:

  • Our after school tutors are here to catch-up about summer vacations and get you ready to face the new school year! Get ready for mini math, humanities, or science challenges in your session!
  • Create your own student handbook! How often do schools just give the rules to the kids and expect them to obey? Too often, in our books! ?This week kids are going to be collaborating with staff to create a student handbook that has all you need to know to thrive as a full-time student at BrainBoost.
  • The BB Odyssey. Like the greatest of Greek myths, students will journey throughout BrainBoost to get to know the staff and every nook and cranny of the Hub!
  • Challenges in humanities, science, and art to bring out the fun and competitive side in our kids.
  • Friday Beach Party @ Jericho! (Someone tell the rain to stop!)