After School Support

Succeeding in school is no small task: managing homework, tests, assignments, all while trying to maintain a social life, extracurriculars, and having some fun!? BrainBoost can help. Our after-school support program makes for calm homes and happy successful students! We provide support with organization, content, school requirements and skill building, all while taking into account your feelings, motivations and goals.

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A Team of Holistic Experts

Our after school support team understands the complexity of school life, and is trained to provide holistic support for students. That means they can help students organize a plan to learn and then help them execute that plan. The team also supports a process of reflection so that students improve future strategies and performance. Our team is comfortable balancing the needs of parents, educators and, of course, the student, to ensure that success is long-lasting and relevant to the whole network.

Skill Development and Remediation

Struggles are a part of all learning, and we each have our own. We can help you build your strengths and conquer your challenges. Minds are complex and learning disabilities, social/emotional challenges, and other factors can make it hard to cultivate your knowledge. We’re here to help you find your strengths and work with your weaknesses, all while supporting your school experience in a holistic way.

Math? Science? English? Social Studies?

We do it all – and it works

Lots of students need help in a subject or two – or sometimes, all of them! The right help at the right time can make all the difference. Our tutoring is designed to work with your constantly changing priorities as you ride the wave of school demands. We’ll help you to be efficient and focused with your school work, so you can feel in control of your learning and allow yourself time to just be a kid and have fun!

Practicing Independence => Success

One of the secrets of our success is that students can learn the big ideas and techniques in tutoring sessions, but then practice these ideas and skills in our Study Space. There, students get just the right amount of help to initiate their own strategies and bring this new found confidence and skill back to the classroom. This blend of independent learning and one-on-one tutoring is magical and efficient.

How the After-school Program Works

After-School Support Programs are easy to set up. Give us a call and, in consultation with you, we’ll design the best plan that meets your needs. We’ve got educators available in all the subjects, at all times of the day, and once we decide what works best, we’ll book the sessions and get started.

What are you waiting for?

Call our front desk to learn more @ 604.723.0904

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