It’s quiet here in Vancouver, with most of our staff on a well-deserved holiday, and our kids enjoying the break before summer term. The break from the buzz of the hub gives me a chance to reflect on what an awesome and transformative year we had at BrainBoost. Our 45 teachers taught it all – from driving lessons to calculus to political blogging to the theory of Star Wars – and our kids loved every minute of it (well, maybe not provincial exams!). We took our programs in fitness, music, and programming to the next level, and began classes in makeup, fashion design, ‘urban safari’ and much more. It was a big year.

I’m even more excited to see what happens this summer, as we have planned the best summer term ever and prepare for fall! We’ll be meeting with kids and parents, finishing full math courses in 5 weeks, and doing skills boosts for the fall. We’re inspired to create moving and meaningful educational experiences for everyone of our kids, and summer is the perfect pace for powerful learning. I hope to see you in the summer or fall; thank you all for a great year!

– Matt Giammarino